Thomas Jenkins (UK) and Sverre Uhnger (NO) collaborate under the name Jenkins&Uhnger. The modular table As Long As You Like (2015) was our first product and we are continuing to collaborate on selected projects.


“Through a collaborative process of observation, prototyping and dialogue we aim to create products with identity and content.”

“Working within established categories we challenge archetypes and constraints by bringing a new angle on refinement, function, emotion or technology.”


Works & Achievements:

  • As Long As You Like modular table
    Norwegian Presence (Fuori Salone) 2015

  • Tea&Coffee project "Moment"
    Wallpaper* Handmade (Fuori Salone) 2016

  • Tangent floor lamp
    Everything is Connected (Fuori Salone) 2017

  • Tea&Coffee project "Moment"
    Launched with Ichendorf Milano (IT) 2017

  • Accessory of the year for "Moment"
    Bo Bedre magazine (NO) 2017

  • Krobo Bench Accessories
    Launched with Fjordfiesta (NO) 2018

  • Tangent floor lamp
    Launched with Pallucco (IT) 2018

  • As Long As You Like modular table
    Launched with Objekt (NO) 2018

  • Edel Collection case goods series
    Launched with Design Within Reach (US) 2018

  • Lamp of the year for “Tangent”

    Bo Bedre magazine (NO) 2018

  • Essence accessory collection

    Launched with Lundhs Real Stone (NO) 2018

  • Product of the year for “Essence”

    The Federation of Norwegian Industries (NO) 2019



Thomas Jenkins has worked in leading design companies before starting his own studio in 2010. His interest in manufacturing and materials combined with his traditional craft skills has led to him to create furniture and objects designed for interaction. He has designed objects for amongst others Skagerak (DK), Hay (DK) and Iris Hantverk (SE).

Sverre Uhnger is a trained craftsman and educated designer from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design and Aalto University. Sverre focuses on creating products that feel natural to the user and where the inherent qualities of the materials and the production techniques is emphasised. He has designed objects for amongst others Mitab (SE), Brdr. Krüger (DK) and Magnor (NO). 



Thomas Jenkins
+47 482 62 783

Sverre Uhnger
+47 988 75 876